Have a troublesome network and a pcap file, but don’t know where to start with Visual BACnet? Our team of BACnet buffs field a lot questions on the best ways to filter, drill down, and pinpoint problems in Visual BACnet. If you need help understanding your files, we’ve got a webinar for you.

Send in your pcaps, and our team of cracker jack analysts will troubleshoot with you on our next webinar, “Learn to Troubleshoot with Visual BACnet”! They’ll help you solve your network issues and show you how to use the diagnostic checks, when the BACnet Browser is your friend, and where to start on a brand new file. Contact us to submit a pcap file.

Don’t have a pcap file? You can still tune in and learn from other submissions. You’ll learn exactly how to approach your own building networks.


Visual BACnet is an advanced visualization tool for Building Automation System (BAS) Service Providers. The powerful analytics engine quickly identifies common problems and anomalous behavior in the BACnet infrastructure. With tools for troubleshooting, monitoring, and commissioning, you can make the most of your BACnet network and improve its overall health.

Join us for a webinar demo on December 7th! Learn how to fix that pesky router your regularly reset, or the network that is painfully slow. Monitor your network to ensure it stays healthy, and get alerts when the network health drops. Show network health history with regular reports, and solve customers’ problems faster.


Flickering lights. Erratic heating. Slow or missing data. One tiny little strand of wire can cause big problems on your MS/TP networks. Join Ryan Hughson and Monica McMahen on our 10-minute webinar, to learn about common wiring problems and how to solve major MS/TP issues. Register now!


On September 10, 2016, Optigo Networks launched Visual BACnet, the advanced visualization tool for Building Automation System (BAS) service providers. One year later, how has Visual BACnet evolved? How far have we come, and where are we headed?

Join Dan Ronald, Optigo’s VP of Product Management, and Monica McMahen, Optigo’s Marketing Manager as they discuss how our vision for Visual BACnet has changed over the past year of development. We’ll also dive into the future of the platform, including major new partnerships and plans for capturing and monitoring every part of the network.


How do duplicate networks happen? What can you do to spot duplicate networks in Visual BACnet, and how can you prevent them in the future? Join Ryan Hughson and Monica McMahen, to learn about the signs of and solutions for duplicate networks in just 10 minutes! Register now!


Getting regular captures of your building network is crucial to understanding its behaviour. Without daily or weekly insights into your network health, you can’t possibly begin to improve it. Visual BACnet now offers a simple way to stay on top of your BACnet health: with site monitoring, you can schedule hourly or daily captures and they will automatically upload into Visual BACnet. From there, assess, visualize, and diagnose issues to quickly resolve problems. You can even set alerts, to be notified when there are changes in your network health.

Join us for a 10-minute mini-webinar on this cutting-edge new feature for Visual BACnet. Find out how this will improve and simplify your smart building management.


Get ahead of the curve with data that enables your team to make the switch to proactive maintenance. Facility teams are busy — automating even a small part of your workload opens up opportunities to drive change in your building portfolio. Some energy-wasting issues are embedded in the network itself, and an energy analytics service can’t always pinpoint the root problem. Using BuildPulse and Visual BACnet in parallel allows you to commission your network, troubleshoot, and optimize energy use. Especially at universities, where the properties are huge and the devices are many, this combination can lead to massive time, energy, and financial savings.

Join Jason Burt, VP of Product and co-founder of BuildPulse and Monica McMahen, Marketing Manager at Optigo Networks, to learn how energy analytics and network commissioning can help your team hit energy goals and improve your network’s health.


BACnet networks can be brought down by excessive traffic, devices sending errors, and hundreds of other variables. Luckily Wireshark can help identify the troublemaker devices and root causes of network problems.

Join Pook-Ping Yao, CEO of Optigo Networks, and Greg Holloway, Tech Support and Wireshark Guru at Delta Controls, to dig into the bits and bytes of Wireshark. Learn advanced filtering, graphing, and exporting information to leverage excel and other complementary tools. If you are already familiar with Wireshark but want to expand on your pre-set filters, this webinar is for you!


How do you know if something has been misconfigured? Do you spend days wondering who is responsible for the recent outage? Failures can go unnoticed for a long time and cause catastrophic problems at inconvenient times. Currently, technicians don’t know something is wrong until a customer complains, and the days spent fixing it can leave customers very unhappy.

Our webinar will focus on how you can pin-point problems in your BACnet system. Users of all skill levels can drill down further into the user friendly dashboards to find the BACnet frame and access specific device parameters. Visual BACnet™’s quick and easy visualization presents the information in a way that is easy to understand. Problems that have yet to be found can be identified, and the right people can be brought in to fix it before the misconfigurations cause real issues. Stay one step ahead of your customer and have fewer emergency fixes and more time for proper fixes.


Diagnosing problems in your IP network is getting easier. But when your MS/TP network breaks down you have to put on your boots, drive to the site, set up a USB dongle and capture traffic right on site. This becomes a time consuming fix. Contemporary Controls is changing that. Their BASrouterLX has advanced features such as MS/TP frame capture for use with Wireshark®. We’re teaming up with Contemporary Controls to integrate this BACnet router with Visual BACnet. This router can capture and upload files without you having to put your boots on, while still working as a very powerful BACnet/IP to MS/TP router. Join Optigo’s VP Product Development Dan Ronald and Contemporary Controls’ Senior Product Manager Harpartap Parmar to learn all about this new collaboration.


Wireshark has grown in popularity when analyzing BACnet communication in a building network to identify issues. However, this often has technicians spending an endless amount of time to find and resolve these issues. Wireshark effectively captures packets, but leaves you stranded browsing through the wealth of information it gathers.

Join us as we introduce you to Visual BACnet™, our tool designed to give you the competitive edge. Our newest product highlights BACnet protocol anomalies in your building network using advanced visualization tools to help gain insight into the health of your Building Automation System deployments. Visual BACnet™ contains an analytics engine formulated to identify common problems and anomalous behaviour in your BACnet infrastructure, giving you BAS Network Health monitoring at your fingertips using quick scans and dashboards, and access to detailed reports and baselining capabilities. Learn how Visual BACnet™ can help you cut down your troubleshooting time from days to minutes.


Not sure what is happening in your building network? Dealing with poor network performance? Use Wireshark, a free network packet analyzer, to dig into the network traffic to uncover the root cause of the issue. Wireshark is a free network packet analyzer that helps troubleshooting by capturing network packets and allowing you to browse the network traffic to isolate the issues in a network.

Join  Pook-Ping Yao and Steve Karg as they examine how to analyze BACnet communications in Wireshark to identify issues within a Building Automation System. Troubleshooting often has a technician on the hunt for erroneously chatty devices, missing acknowledgements, unanswered Who-Is, duplicate Device-IDs, and other obscure problems in the network. Join this webinar to learn simple checks, filters and tricks to troubleshoot and understand your BACnet building automation system quickly.


Determining the health of a building network is difficult, yet extremely valuable. In an age of convergence, building systems often have a number of contractors working on them, adding devices and continuously optimizing the system. But what happens when a vendor adds a service that floods the network, and causes performance degradation in your system? Suddenly, the project manager is left trying to figure out what happened and who exactly is responsible.

Join us as we discuss how Visual BACnet™ is built to not just find the problem, but to also track changes made by the increasing number of vendors collaborating on BACnet systems. Learn how Visual BACnet™ is designed with the priorities of facility managers in mind so that you can make BACnet system benchmarking easier than it has ever been.


BACnet systems are shockingly vulnerable. Are your systems secure? Join us as we discuss the role of Cybersecurity in BACnet. We will consider a few hazards and consequences posed by networked BMS technology, and the legacy risks that accompany each BACnet system. You will learn how actual system commissioning or maintenance may even fail to deliver elementary security (like avoiding trivial passwords), that was assumed in the risk assessment, and how BACnet allows transmission across networks that are only partially ‘trusted’. Discover and identify the loss of service building occupants can survive, how current functionality is determined, and how you can better configure your network to withstand these risks.