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Visual BACnet Network Health


Understand the health of your BACnet system before and after working on it.


Use graphs to see network activity, anomalies and patterns.


Instantly pinpoint problems with advanced diagnostic checks.

"I was very impressed with the results that it gave from our system at a healthcare site. It allowed me to see and correct some of the network issues I knew existed but that I had a hard time diagnosing. For these sites, this is a pretty powerful utility to quickly diagnose network issues. "
Tom Bee, General Manager, Environmental Control Solutions Inc.


Schedule packet captures for times when problems occur, or manually capture the system’s communications using our capture tool or Wireshark.

Visual BACnet Free Capture Tool


Use the Network Health score to quickly asses your network and show you where to focus your resources.

Visual BACnet Network Health


Once you have identified potential problems, drill down to pinpoint devices that are slow, chatty or causing problems.

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