Webinar: How top universities use BACnet data to improve their infrastructure


We’re excited to co-host a webinar with BuildPulse, on operational networks in universities! Get ahead of the curve with data that enables your team to make the switch to proactive maintenance. Facility teams are busy  automating even a small part of your workload opens up opportunities to drive change in your building portfolio.

Some energy-wasting issues are embedded in the network itself, and an energy analytics service can’t always pinpoint the root problem. Using BuildPulse and Visual BACnet in parallel allows you to commission your network, troubleshoot, and optimize energy use. Especially at universities, where the properties are huge and the devices are many, this combination can lead to massive time, energy, and financial savings.

Join Jason Burt, VP of Product and co-founder of BuildPulse and Monica McMahen, Marketing Manager at Optigo Networks, to learn how energy analytics and network commissioning can help your team hit energy goals and improve your network’s health.

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