Increase Service Contract Revenue

Looking to differentiate yourself?

Visual BACnet allows you to show your customer exactly what is happening in their BACnet network. The Advanced Report is easy to understand even for non-technical customers. Showing the changes in their network over time will highlight the importance of an ongoing service contract and ensure you win the business instead of your competitor.

Increase Current Contracts

You commission your sequences and your inputs and outputs, but what about your networks? Add Visual BACnet as a service offering and increase the price and value of your contracts! Provide reports on a quarterly or monthly basis, or monitoring down to the hour. Identify problems before the customer is getting complaints.

We all have those customers who aren’t sure what we’re doing, and are constantly trying to reduce the size of the service contract. Use Visual BACnet’s Advanced Reports to show that the network is constantly changing, and prove that your days on site are making an impact. Don’t lose service contracts because the customer has no insight into networking!

Reduce Service Contract Attrition

Advanced Reports

Add Advanced Reports to your service contracts. Show your customers exactly how healthy their system is, which devices are causing problems, and the full list of devices on site.

Solve the Problem Quickly

When your customer does decide to buy their first service contract or issues a PO to fix a specific issue, you already know exactly what needs to be fixed. You have a baseline and you have tracked changes over time. Increase your margin by rolling fewer trucks and spending less time on site to troubleshoot the problem.

“It just works, having a tool this powerful has helped increase our productivity and enables us to provide the best service possible”
Josh Pavlis, Service Supervisor, Control Solutions