Visual BACnet™ is a visualization Dashboard tool that allows you to quickly identify issues, create reports, track problem devices, analyze packet traffic and more. Follow these important first steps to set up your Visual BACnet™ dashboard and start successfully managing your facility operations.

What is Visual BACnet™?

Visual BACnet™ is an advanced visualization tool to help you gain insight into the health of your building automation system (BAS) deployments.

Who should use Visual BACnet™?

Visual BACnet™ is the perfect tool for Field Service Technicians and Maintenance and Facilities Operators  who struggle to make sense of BACnet capture files. Utilizing an advanced and easy-to-understand dashboard, service providers can quickly and easily troubleshoot configuration issues to fix the problem in minutes, not days.

What kind of problems can Visual BACnet™ find?

Visual BACnet™ can solve many of the most common BACnet issues seen by BAS service providers. Common issues include:

  • Unanswered Who-Is Broadcasts
  • Globally Broadcast Data Exchange
  • Unanswered Who-Is-Router requests
  • Global Broadcast Traffic
  • Write-Property Traffic
  • Unconfirmed-COV Traffic
  • Unconfirmed-Event Traffic
  • Detected Circular Network
  • Global Who-Is
  • Global Who-Is-Router

How do I create a Visual BACnet™ account?

Sign up for a free 2 week trial here.

How do I Add/Upload files?

Simply drag and drop your files to upload. Advanced file management tools allow you to share captures between accounts and outside users. Add labels and descriptions to keep track and compare reports.

How large can the PCAP file be?

Please upload PCAP files that are no larger than 300 MB. Should you need to upload a file larger than 300 MB, please contact Optigo via email at or telephone at 1.888.629.6559.

What building automation system protocols are supported?

Our tool is currently focused on BACnet protocol, however, our roadmap includes support for a number of complementary protocols. Our team is open to feedback from our customers regarding support for additional protocols. Please send requests to

What does Visual BACnet™ cost?

Please check out our current pricing here.