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Optigo Networks partner KMC Controls
Optigo Networks Partner Contemporary Controls

After 6 weeks of stadium lights turning on in the middle of the night and waking up nearby residents, Princeton University turned to Visual BACnet to solve their problems.

The health of Princeton University's BACnet network with Visual BACnet
Princeton University uses Visual BACnet

When he first opened up Visual BACnet, Controls Engineer Gary Brancato discovered serious problems with the network. He saw a Network Health score of 16%, with almost 200 Global Who-Is broadcasts and 14 unresponsive devices. Excessive communication was flooding the network with activity, causing denial of service and bringing devices down.

Gary brought in his 2 vendors, Automated Logic and Siemens, and together they spent 4 days fixing the network. They pinpointed problem devices, fixed configurations, and separated some of their new devices onto a separate network to reduce overall traffic. All of this work eliminated unresponsive devices, greatly reduced Global Who-Is’, brought their network health to 54%, and kept the stadium lights off all night.

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