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"Visual BACnet gave me a way of quantifying the value of my work. I was able to see the differential from before I started working on the BACnet system to after I was done." – Brian Esser, Siemens
"It's like hiring a new guy that's a BACnet Guru." - Brian Gallant, Inland Control & Services Inc.
“It just works, having a tool this powerful has helped increase our productivity and enables us to provide the best service possible.” – Josh Pavlis, Control Solutions
“I found which device was offline in two minutes. In Wireshark, I would have spent half an hour digging through line by line through three different captures.” – Customer Support Technician
“You guys make a very good, easy to use and helpful product. I thoroughly enjoy using it—especially on systems with multiple issues. The results are clear and concise and I have saved many hours using your tool.” – Christopher Citarella
“It does really take any required skills out of the equation. Now we can just do the scan, press the button, load it up, and it tells us exactly what’s wrong.” – Tyson Soutter, BUENO Systems
"I'm not a Wireshark guy. […] [Visual BACnet] brought everything to a layman's view." – Gary Brancato, Princeton University
“I signed up for the trial version of this utility and I was very impressed with the results that it gave from our system at a healthcare site. It allowed me to see and correct some of the network issues I knew existed but that I had a hard time diagnosing.” – Tom Bee, Environmental Control Solutions
"Having [Visual BACnet], I was able to bring up information on my own. […] You can see right away whose devices are causing the problems." – Gary Brancato, Princeton University
"It’s such a great tool to push back onto the contractors with evidence. Because it’s not about trying to point fingers or blame anyone here, it’s definitely just about wanting to make sure we don’t have a negative impact on the network. And we want to justify why we’re not going to deploy to this site, unless he fixes these problems. And if we can give them a list of problems, that helps everyone.” – Tyson Soutter, BUENO Systems
“I had a BACnet interoperability problem with products from a third party vendor. Visual BACnet showed me a circular network and which device caused the problem. I didn’t have to bug the developer or manually go through the Wireshark. It was very quick and easy to find the issue.” – Systems Test Manager at BACnet Plugfest


Understand the health of your BACnet system before and after working on it.


Use graphs to see network activity, anomolies and patterns.


Instantly pinpoint problems with advanced diagnostic checks.

Don’t leave a customer site without running Visual BACnet


  1. Ensure the BACnet system is problem free.
  2. Gain the trust of your customer with a simple health report.
  3. Keep baseline captures and reports for future use.


Interpret captured files of BACnet traffic using advanced tools for visualizing data. Use the dashboard to pinpoint and isolate common BACnet configuration issues.


Identify potential problems, then use the handy drill-down features to analyze specific BACnet frames and pinpoint the device causing the problems.


Generate detailed reports for customers to show the health of the building network, and use them as a baseline for future troubleshooting.

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